Brian Focht

Does the inclusion of both a private right of action and a general preemption of overlapping state laws (not limited to privacy, but also including AI or confidential information) condemn the APRA to the fire? Read More

Stephen Almond (ICO)

“There is a UK AI Regulation – It is called the UK GDPR” (John Edwards, February 2024). Stephen Almond is Executive Director for Regulatory Risk at the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), leading the teams... Read More

Matthias Eigenmann

Will Data Clean Rooms help us avoid consent, or personal data altogether, and make the most of first-party data for data collaboration and addressability purposes? Read More

Jakob Plesner

How far can we take fair use in the context of AI? Do data mining exceptions provide enough cover to train foundation models? Read More

Adam Klee

What do we do about media monetization in the absence of cookies and email addresses? Can we still find an alignment with the regulatory framework? Read More

Jose Belo

Why is AI compliance falling on privacy professionals? As everything becomes AI-powered, where is the red line for “automated decisions”? Read More

Sandy Tsakiridi

How can businesses prepare for the upcoming EU Artificial Intelligence Act? What does it take to deploy an AI Governance Framework in the Financial Services sector? Read More

Brendan Quinn

What is normally missing in Data Protection Impact Assessments? Will the Whistleblower Directive and the Collective Redress Directive result in a new wave of GDPR enforcement actions? Read More


Hoping to better understand a human-centric, demand-led future, we have spent a few months interviewing entrepreneurs and pioneers at the intersection of Marketing, Data, Privacy, and Technology. This channel is our attempt to expand on this effort and share our learnings along the way.

    Sergio Maldonado

    Dual-qualified lawyer, LL.M (IT & Internet law), CIPP/E, CIPT | CEO at PrivacyCloud, founder at Divisadero (now Merkle Spain) & Sweetspot (now ClickDimensions).