What do we do about media monetization in the absence of cookies and email addresses? Can we still find an alignment with the regulatory framework?

Adam Klee has an impressive resume in the AdTech world, having worked at Disney, Google, NBC, Twitter, Polar, or Spotify. He is the founder of Licorice, a platform that “gives consumers the privacy they want and publishers the data they need”. Adam’s passion for solving this problem comes from both his years developing new ways to help drive better yield for publishers, and his experience as a consumer, where he thinks privacy should come standard.

We are covering:

  • Why email-based identity solutions (as an alternative to cookies) are flawed
  • What consumers expect in the media monetization trade-off (ad blockers!)
  • Different degrees of control and convenience, and how consent banners are the opposite of both
  • A formula to rely on other legal bases (such as the GDPR’s legitimate interest) when no individual deduplication is involved.


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