How do we get marketers to overcome the delusion of data-driven effectiveness? Can we engage in responsible marketing when “privacy-safe” has lost all meaning?

Arielle Garcia combines a really good understanding of the advertising industry with award-winning expertise in privacy and responsible data use. She is the founder of ASG solutions, a consultancy firm specifically focused on helping marketers drive sustainable growth through respectful marketing and was previously UM Worldwide’s Chief Privacy Officer.

She holds a JD from Fordham University and has been recognised as a Top Woman in Media and AdTech by AdExchanger in 2023 (as well by others in prior years). In 2021 she was inducted to the American Advertising Federation’s Advertising Hall of Achievement due to her impact on the industry.

What we have covered:

  1. The bigger picture of privacy challenges in the digital marketing industry
  2. Cookie and pixel inventories
  3. Does more data mean better results?
  4. Privacy consequences of the new “black box” offerings from the walled gardens
  5. Unconsented signals and Conversions APIs
  6. US-specific concerns regarding the use of health-related data in programmatic advertising
  7. Aligning customer expectations of privacy with business results


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