Will we manage to avoid consent banners in the face of overlapping US privacy laws? How do we align the Privacy Sandbox with ePrivacy requirements?

Cory Underwood is a Privacy and Data Analytics Engineer with a strong marketing data technology background and a good knowledge of both US and EU ePrivacy law.

Cory supports the data privacy offerings of Atlanta-based Search Discovery (a data strategy and activation company), leveraging eight years of experience in privacy efforts and multiple privacy related certifications to enable clients to understand the impact of privacy changes.  With a combined 13 years of experience in technology, Cory specializes in speaking and writing on his blog (cunderwood.dev) about upcoming privacy changes, allowing readers to take a proactive approach to compliance challenges.

In our second interview with Cory we have looked for answers to the following questions: 

  • What does it take for Digital Marketers to comply with State-level Privacy laws in California, Virginia, Colorado, and beyond?
  • Will the US internet suffer the fate of European websites, annoying consumers with user-unfriendly consent pop-ups that mean little and cost millions? Why do some US websites insist on replicating the European ordeal if there are no opt-in requirements?
  • What will be the side effects of large platforms adapting to the EU’s Digital Services Act in terms of transparency and return on investment for SMEs?
  • Where will Topics API, the star framework of Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox fall in terms of consent requirements?


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