What should publishers prioritize to survive as a business in the face of powerful browsers and colossal competitors?

Our guest:

As a lawyer turned entrepreneur, Dr. Mattia Fosci combines privacy and AdTech expertise. He is the founder and CEO of Anonymised, an advertising platform that helps publishers understand and monetise their audiences at scale across all browsers and devices, using only anonymous data.

We have covered or touched on:

  • The many limitations of contextual advertising and why it will not solve the most pressing issues 
  • How ID-based alternatives are worse than cookies
  • The manner in which browsers are exercising greater control over the open web
  • The deafening noise in the AdTech market when it comes to cookieless solutions, and how overwhelming this is for publishers with limited technical resources
  • The competitive issues arising from cross-site interest-based cohorts (à la Topics API in the Google Privacy Sandbox)
  • How to get advertisers and their media agencies to dare turn their backs on a highly defective status quo – thus allowing publishers to move away from their own mouse wheel. 


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