Death of a DMP, Microsoft Recall retreat, Walmart customer data, the arrival of transactional media, PETs at PEPR, location data sales, curated publishers, EU vs. Apple, Digital Wallets, the wild west of LLM training datasets…

We are closing this season with a Spring Newsroom before we officially kick off the summer in two days, summarizing everything that’s happened in the past quarter across our usual five sections: ePrivacy (enforcement, regulatory updates), MarTech/AdTech, AI/Competition/Digital Markets, PETs/Zero-Party Data, Future of media. 

This includes:

  • EDPB’s ChatGPT Task Force report
  • EU Digital Wallets
  • Privacy Sandbox news
  • EU Commission vs. Apple’s App Store
  • LLM updates (Llama3, GPT 4o, Gemini, Apple Intelligence)
  • Meta AI *not* training on EU user data
  • Mozilla’s acquisition of Anonym
  • Oracle’s exit from AdTech
  • Revolut ads
  • Microsoft Copilot+ Recall retreat
  • The Trade Desk’s curated list of publishers
  • FCC fines to telecom operators for the sale of location data
  • Consent or Pay news
  • TikTok ban.

A full transcript with links and additional resources can be found on the PrivacyCloud blog

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